Autumn Appeal: Spotlight on Cambodia

In the UK we are already seeing some of the effects of the climate crisis, with more extreme weather patterns. But it is the world’s poorest communities, who have contributed the least to global emissions, who are suffering most.

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Farmers in Cambodia are feeling the impact of Covid-19 and the climate crisis

In Cambodia, the highest rates of poverty are in rural areas. In these hard-to-reach communities, local people have less access to healthcare, education and technical support.

A farmer in Cambodia

Farming families in Cambodia are struggling financially due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and changing weather patterns.

“Since the global pandemic, we started to have financial problems. It has affected us selling things. Nobody buys, even when we have goods to sell. In our family, we also grew some vegetables to reduce our food expenses."

Sat, a farmer in Cambodia

Evidence from CAFOD partners shows how the impacts of a changing climate, such as persistent droughts and floods, are making it more difficult for communities to sustain their way of living.

Therefore, we have been working with our local partners to look at interventions that can empower people so that they have enough food and do not suffer when weather systems change.

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What we are doing to help local communities

We have been working on a pilot with a local church partner inspired by Laudato Si to support small landholder farmers. This involves:

  • establishing self-help groups to work together
  • providing knowledge and skills on new farming techniques
  • promoting direct access to local and international markets.

Many women have been selected to participate via our local partner, and they have reported that they have increased their understanding and ability to access markets to sell their crops on their own.

A new farming technique, called system of rice intensification (SRI), helps farmers to use fewer inputs and generate larger yields. The SRI method gives farmers the skills and knowledge to test new seeds, crops and ways of sustainable cultivation.

The difference made by the system of rice intensification (SRI)

SRI rice was planted in a field measuring 1,600 square metres with around 1 tonne of compost. As you can see, the results are staggering!

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With your support, more families will be able to adopt these innovative farming techniques, so they need not go hungry again.

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