How you can help: Coronavirus Appeal

Coronavirus (Covid-19) has now spread worldwide, with confirmed cases in several countries where we work. Its spread to countries with poor health systems that will be devastating. Our local experts need your support to continue protecting lives. A major gift will have a life changing impact, and will help us ensure we reach vulnerable communities quickly and efficiently. 

Donate to the coronavirus appeal

We expect the situation will get worse in the coming weeks in many of the countries we work and we need to act now to prepare and protect communities. Please make a donation today, and make a major difference to our response. 

Spotlight on Sierra Leone

From our experience working with faith leaders and local experts to fight the deadly Ebola virus in Sierra Leone, Liberia and the DRC, we learned about the exceptional reach and impact of interfaith leaders rooted in their communities. With their support, we can ensure that no one is beyond reach in the fight against coronavirus. 

Kayode Akintola, Country Representative for Sierra Leone and Liberia, told us “Prevention is better than a cure.” 

COVID-19 training and awareness

Kayode delivering Inter-Faith Leader awareness training in Freetown, Sierra Leone. 

Over 30 faith leaders have been trained to promote good hygiene practices and deliver clear and accurate information to ensure that even the most remote and vulnerable communities are kept safe. It is through these leaders that we will shape cultural behaviour, alongside radio and television broadcasting to raise awareness.

As in the UK, effective hand washing and social distancing practices are key to preventing the spread of the virus. However, due to the lack of resources like water and soap, hand washing is not a well-established practice across the country. We will also encourage communities to seek medical advice over the phone rather than undertaking considerable journeys for medical attention in overcrowded health centres.

Donate to the coronavirus appeal

Spotlight on Zimbabwe

Prior to the onset of Coronavirus and the country lockdown, Zimbabwe was already facing a humanitarian emergency with 6 million people facing severe hunger. With closed borders, food imports from South Africa are being disrupted and the cost of the staple ‘mealie meal’ is now beyond the reach of many.

Read more about coronavirus in Zimbabwe

St Albert's Mission are at the forefront of the fight against coronavirus in Zimbabwe. They provide health and social care in a district serving over 130,000 people, most of who are subsistence farmers or migrants from cities and towns, seeking ways of making a living. 

St Albert's staff are checking COVID19 equipment

Protective equipment being unpacked and recorded by staff at St Alberts Mission, Zimbabwe.

Sister Melania has been working at St Albert's for 20 years and after the distribution of PPE funded by CAFOD, she explained that in resource-poor countries, including Zimbabwe, prevention is better than a cure. “We put the most vulnerable in the centre of our work, as well as reflecting on the meaning and relevance of Catholic Social Teaching …. Together, we stand to fight this as we did with HIV."

Donate to the coronavirus appeal

How your donation is helping

£15,000 has provided emergency relief packages to 1,100 families in Sri Lanka – containing food, soap and face masks.

£14,300 has provided Personal Protective Equipment for St Albert’s Mission in Zimbabwe.

£14,250 has provided awareness-raising and hygiene training for the interfaith leader network and accompanying radio and TV broadcasts in Sierra Leone.

£6,050 has provided emergency food packages to 500 indigenous and Afro-Colombian families in Colombia. 

£5,000 has provided awareness-raising and medical support to a Health Clinic in El Salvador.

Ways to Give

  • Phone Debbie Clarke on 020 7095 5337, or Maureen Forgie on 020 7095 5338. They will be delighted to take your donation via debit or credit card.
  • Transfer funds directly using your online banking with the following details:

    Bank Account name: CAFOD        

    Bank Account number: 11769410        

    Sort Code no: 16-00-30                   

    Please also include your name as the reference code

  • By cheque, payable to CAFOD Coronavirus Appeal and send to: Romero House, 55 Westminster Bridge Road, London SE1 7JB.

Please be aware that we are dealing with a backlog of unopened post, so our ability to process your gift is likely to be considerably delayed.

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