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Every year we receive three times as many requests for funding as we can meet. Thanks to the incredible support of the Catholic community in England and Wales we are supporting those in greatest need around the world. We are delighted to share the impact of your generous support. 

Aid worker in Beirut

A member of Caritas Lebanon hands a bag of essential items to a local woman in Beirut.

Your support in action 

In the last 12 months, we have been responding to a range of crises around the world, whilst continuing to implement our long term development projects with increased measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

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Spotlight on Sierra Leone

Our Autumn Appeal this year focusses on the devastating consequences of the Coronavirus pandemic on vulnerable families in Sierra Leone. In a country which was brutually impacted by civil war, repeated outbreaks of Ebola and now the Coronavirus pandemic, people are in desperate need to rebuild their lives and communities and find new ways to feed themselves and provide for their families.

Our 2020 Autumn Appeal is aiming to raise £100,000 to enable the most vulnerable families in the country to grow sufficient food for themselves and find ways of earning a living.

This work is vital as, according to the World Health Organisation, Sierra Leone is one of the six countries in the world with the highest levels of hunger. Sixty percent of the population lives on less than $1.25 a day and many of the poorest live in rural communities.

CAFOD is working on an innovative project to skill and empower youth farmers in the Kambia and Port Loko districts of the country. CAFOD’s local partners are using greenhouse farming to kickstart local vegetable production and increase food security. To find out more about the life changing work you can support please read our Spotlight on Sierra Leone.

Beirut explosion

The catastrophic blast at Beirut’s port killed over 180 and injured more than 6,500 others. Around 300,000 people have lost their homes.

We are responding through three of our local expert organisations. Together, we are providing hot meals, basic assistance (water, food parcels, hygiene kits, non-food items), medicines, psychological first aid and psychosocial support, shelter rehabilitation, legal aid, emergency cash assistance and staff care, as well as helping with the clean-up efforts.

Coronavirus in Brazil

In Brazil, the latest figures show, almost 4 million cases of Coronavirus have been confirmed, making it the country with the second-highest largest number of infections in the world. Over 120,000 people have died. Scientists estimate the number of infections to be under-estimated by a factor of 7-15.

Our local experts are delivering an emergency programme in São Paulo to provide access to health services, shelter, food and hygiene support and protection from violence to 38,506 people living in favelas, inadequate housing and those living on the streets. They are also coordinating safe food and hygiene distributions to the most vulnerable families in Sao Paulo, Fortaleza and in poor rural and remote indigenous communities.

You can read our latest update here

A woman stands arms outstretched as if in prayer

Join us in prayer ahead of the Amazon Synod. Photo: Development and Peace, Canada

Amazon Appeal and the Pan Amazon Synod

The Pan Amazon Synod held in October 2019 brought together 300 bishops and Church leaders focused on the rights of indigenous peoples of the Amazon and the protection of this fragile eco-system.

After the Amazon Synod, the Catholic Church will never be the same. Why? Because Pope Francis addresses an essential issue for every Christian and Catholic person.

Creation, which is believed to be the perfect creation made by God, is in danger…I believe that the synod was the first step for the Church to walk alongside indigenous communities and to walk with the people of the Amazon. Not only observing from afar but participating actively.”

Read more about the outcome of the Synod

Join our monthly online interviews

In response to Coronavirus we have moved our events online so we can meet with valued supports in the comfort of our homes and hear from our colleagues about the lasting difference we are making, together. One of our supporters recently told us:

“I was really moved by the webinar. The plight of those poor refugees seems endless. I honestly admire you all for the fabulous work you do at CAFOD and I particularly love how you work closely with your local partners on the ground and enable them to help those most needy. It was really informative. Please thank the speakers on our behalf”

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If you would like to learn more about how your gifts have or could be used or how you can get involved and begin to change lives today, please contact our team today.

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