World Food Day Raffle 2018 winners

Thank you to everybody who entered our World Food Day 2018 Raffle. Your support has helped raise over £154,000, an amazing sum which will help communities learn skills and access tools which will help them grow food, even in the most extreme environments.  

The draw took place on World Food Day, Friday 22 March 2019. 

Our lucky first prize winner was ticket no. 0370429 who won £4,000 

Second place prize of £1,500 went to ticket no. 0179078 and the third prize of £500 to ticket no. 0076468

With 5 fourth place prizes of £100 going to ticket numbers: 0014612, 0218389, 0079974, 0022178 and 0170473.

A word from a previous winner

Mr Henderson won the CAFOD raffle

Mr Henderson won first prize

Mr Henderson won first prize in the previous CAFOD World Food Day Raffle: 

“I have supported CAFOD's causes since being made aware by my late mother of what good the donations can do, the difference a small amount can make to someone less fortunate. Like most people I didn't see buying raffle tickets as a way to possibly win something as much as a way to give more so it was a complete surprise to know we had actually won! We are delighted and will try to use the winnings in a way that will benefit a lot of people”

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