Free will-writing service

Make your will for free with CAFOD

CAFOD supporters can write a simple will at no cost either with local solicitors or at home over the phone. 

For our telephone service, we work with Co-operative Legal Services to offer supporters the opportunity to write their will over the telephone with a professional from the comfort of their own home.  

For our face to face service, we work with the National Free Wills Network – a group of charities and solicitors working together to give charity supporters the chance to update or write a simple will for free. 

PLEASE NOTE: Whilst the National Free Wills Network service is still available, participating solicitors' procedures maybe impacted by Covid-19. They will be able to advise you on this directly. The Co-op telephone service is unaffected.

Both services are regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority. 

There’s no obligation to remember CAFOD in your will but we do hope you’ll consider the incredible difference your gift could make to communities who are struggling to meet their daily needs.

Use our free will service

Create a fairer world for all God’s children

When you come to make your will, you can provide for your family and friends and also share your blessings with your global family. 

We made our wills and we’ll make a difference!

Imelda and Chris Wightman

Chris and Imelda Wightman

Chris and Imelda Wightman remembered CAFOD in their wills.

CAFOD supporters Imelda and Chris wrote their wills using the National Free Wills Network.

"We needed to get our wills updated because, like many people, our last will was made soon after our children were born. And now we’re grandparents! CAFOD’s offer prompted us to act upon our good intentions.

"The solicitor was very good and the process very quick and painless. We both like the idea of leaving a charitable legacy and CAFOD was the obvious choice for us. We know the difference CAFOD makes every day to the lives of those less fortunate than ourselves."

To find out more about using our free will service, please contact Hannah at or call 020 7095 5367.

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