CAFOD Spring Raffle 2021

Our Spring Raffle will open on January 8th, 2021.

All the winning raffle tickets from the World Food Day Raffle 2020 are available on the raffle winners page.

What you can win

1st prize: £4,000

2nd prize: £1,500

3rd prize: £500

5 runner up prizes: £100

Support life-changing work

Daniela in La Capilla

Daniela in La Capilla

Daniela lives with her mum and dad and younger brother in Peru. She has never had running water at home. Water is delivered in huge water trucks and stored in a tank, but sometimes the trucks don't come, which means there is no water.

Thanks to support like yours, our local experts have developed a mobile app to collect information from residents about their access to water.

This information is presented to Congress and used as evidence to lobby for better access to water.

Daniela and her friends are helping in this fight for water, using the app to gather this information from her community. 

“I think using the app is a lot easier, more effective and quicker than doing normal surveys. It will look at each house and how people are using water, how much water they are using, the water quality and diseases associated with water.”


Every raffle ticket you buy will help CAFOD work with communities like Daniela's across the world to access water, and much more. 

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