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Our World Gifts subscription sign-up is over for this year, but don't worry - you can still buy World Gifts all year round.

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World Gifts are CAFOD's charity gift range of unusual, ethical presents that will delight your friends and family.

All donations go to support CAFOD’s work and make a real difference to helping people in poverty.

At Christmas, whether you choose to give your card to another, or display it proudly in your own home, you can do so knowing you’re making a real lasting difference to our sisters and brothers living in poverty. 


How does the World Gifts subscription work?

Choose your World Gift before 14 February and set up a direct debit for 10 months. We will email you in November to let you know when your World Gift is on your way to you – in time for Christmas! 

What if I cancel my subscription part way through?

While we hope that you will support us for the full ten months, we understand that circumstances change. Should you need to stop, please get in touch and we will find an alternative gift for you. We will be in touch to make sure we have the correct delivery address. 

Why is the monthly amount charged not exactly divided by 10?

We have rounded the gift amount up to allow you to split it over ten months. This helps us minimise costs. 

Why is there only a small choice of gifts?

We’ve never done this before! We hope to gauge enthusiasm for supporting World Gifts in this way before we expand the range available.

Where will you send my card?

We will contact you as we approach December to ensure we have the right delivery address to send your card to.  

Can I choose a different World Gift card design?

At the moment, we are only offering the Christmas card design with this subscription.

What happens after 10 months?

Your direct debit for your World Gift will end and we will no longer take any payments from you. Please keep your eyes peeled for any new World Gifts or new offers in the future! 

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