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CAFOD campaigns Q&A

15 January 2019

We answer your questions about how and why CAFOD campaigns and what makes a successful campaign.

	Priests Fr Carl Mugan (Left - Archdiocese of Liverpool) and Fr Hugh Pollock (Lancaster) before the march for our climate in Poland during COP24.

Six ways Catholics can change the world in 2019

10 January 2019

As we start 2019 we’ve thought of six ways you can change the world. Join us in raising your voice for the most vulnerable people living in poverty and, together, who knows what we can achieve this year?

Europe - Poland - COP24 Campaigner

Seven campaign successes

7 January 2019

Putting your faith into action really does work! It’s time to celebrate. Here we reflect on the part you've played in making the world a better place in 2018.

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