Political campaigning is powerful: here’s why

24 March 2017

Speak Up participants

Madeline and Kieran from Cardiff get ready to lobby their MP in Parliament

By becoming a CAFOD MP Correspondent (MPC), you will have the power to influence your MP to act on behalf of the world’s poorest people. Will you join us?
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Why become an MPC?  

Building a personal connection with your MP makes the world of difference. By writing to your MP in your own words about issues of global poverty, you will grab their attention and give them the mandate to act. Your MP represents your voice in Parliament: so make your voice heard.
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Your voice is powerful

Together MPCs represent over 80% of constituencies (that's over 450 MPs) in England and Wales. This is incredible: but to make a real impact we need to reach every MP, especially government ministers. And that's why we are asking you to become an MPC today.   

MPCs have already helped influence government policy, bringing hope to communities today and long into the future. Here are just three achievements worth celebrating...

MPs speak up for trade justice

In June 2016, the UK voted to leave the EU and we will now be responsible for setting our own trade policy. These new rules ought to work in our interests but also serve the common good, tackle poverty and protect creation.

Thanks to your actions, over 100 MPs (that’s over a quarter of all MPs) heard our message on trade directly from their constituents, and many raised parliamentary questions to International Trade Secretary Liam Fox. You still have time to write to your MP about this important issue.
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UK keeps aid promise

UK aid saves a life every two minutes. In June 2016, you asked your MP to attend the UK aid debate in Parliament and defend the aid budget for the world’s poorest communities. Thanks to your support, a record number of MPs attended and spoke positively about the life-saving impacts of aid and long-term development work.

Stephen Timms MP attended the debate and paid tribute to the power of your campaigning. He said, “The churches achieved a huge amount [here today] and it is important to recognise the source and the strength of the consensus.”  

Read more about how MPs keep aid promise

For the Love Of… mass lobby of Parliament

In June 2015, over 9,000 supporters of The Climate Coalition took part in a mass lobby of MPs outside of Parliament. You showed the newly elected government the strength of your concern on climate change.

Amber Rudd MP, the former Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change and the current Home Secretary, was one of the hundreds of MPs who heard from you. She said, “Politicians can’t deliver on ambition without the public saying we need you to do this so I really welcomed the campaigning today.”

Your actions helped build global momentum ahead of the Paris climate talks, where 195 countries signed a ground-breaking agreement on climate change.

Read our response to the Paris climate agreement

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