Victory for families in Brazil as eviction is cancelled

11 April 2018

CAFOD Brazil solidarity action success

Dona Teresa Conceição (76) and other Mauá residents in Brazil joyfully cheering as they hear the news that the threatened eviction is cancelled  (Photo: Anderson Barbosa)

We rejoiced with the Mauá community in São Paulo last November, as the eviction order set for 22 November 2017 was suspended. Hundreds of families were able to keep a roof over their heads for Christmas. Your actions boosted a successful international campaign, thank you so much.   

Your actions helped to bring about justice

For months, almost a thousand vulnerable residents – including older people, pregnant women, and children – have lived in fear of being thrown out onto the streets. Thank you for adding your voice to stop this injustice.

In England and Wales, an amazing 4,000 CAFOD supporters joined our Brazil solidarity action, by signing petitions in parishes, sending emails, sharing photos with #FicaMaua on social media.

Your actions lent weight to an international campaign. Local families in Brazil camped outside the Courts of Justice in São Paulo and organised a petition signed by more than 3,000 people.

Emily Mulville, CAFOD Programme Officer said, “We have been overjoyed to see such fantastic support for our petition to Brazilian authorities to stop the eviction. Your actions were handed in to authorities and to the Mauá families. Your prayers and messages of solidarity have given the families strength and hope at this difficult time.”

A landmark victory

Mauá residents joyfully cheered when they heard the news in their community assembly. 


Brazilian authorities have agreed a peaceful and just solution, avoiding a forced eviction and possible police force, and legal steps are underway to make the purchase official.

237 families who have made Mauá their home for the last ten years will continue to have a roof over their heads.    

Neti de Araújo’s, a leader in the Mauá community, has recorded a special video message (see above). She says:

“I want to thank each and every one of you for your support. I am very happy knowing there are people like you, our friends and companions. 

“After so much struggle and sacrifice, ten years of ups and downs, it is finally feasible; we have persuaded the owners of the need for families to live here. The struggle will continue! Thank you!”

CAFOD will continue to stand in solidarity and pray for the families in their struggle for a safe and permanent home.

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