São Paulo eviction – the struggle continues

18 October 2017

CAFOD campaign action solidarity with Brazil

CAFOD supporters show solidarity with families in São Paulo who are facing eviction. The sign reads #Ficamauá – let them stay! 

237 families in São Paulo, Brazil, face eviction from their homes. Thanks to campaigning by local families and CAFOD supporters, the eviction has been postponed, giving hope to vulnerable residents. Now we must continue to speak out.

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Solidarity with São Paulo families

Once an abandoned hotel, the Mauá building has been the home and shelter for the last 10 years to 237 families who have nowhere else to go.

We have been given a reprieve. Thanks to everyone who has embraced this cause of solidarity with us

Neti, Mauá community leader

Residents have long demanded legal rights to their home. Earlier this month, families camped outside the Courts of Justice in São Paulo, and organised a local petition to authorities signed by more than 3,000 people.

And in England and Wales, nearly 2,000 CAFOD supporters have spoken out in solidarity, urging the Brazilian authorities to stop the eviction.

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Campaigning success

This national and international campaign to stop the forced eviction of the Mauá families has increased the visibility of the case and put pressure on Brazilian authorities to negotiate a peaceful solution. As a result, the eviction has now been postponed for a further 30 days until 21 November 2017. This is a major step forward.

With your support, solidarity and prayers, hundreds of children and vulnerable adults will continue – for now at least – to have a roof over their heads.

Neti de Araújo, a leader for the Mauá community says, “We have been given a reprieve. We thank all those who have supported us. The struggle continues. We will continue organising ourselves to demand our rights. I want to thank each and every one of you who have embraced this cause of solidarity with us.”

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Help us spread the word

Your campaigning has helped families in their struggle for decent housing and protection from homelessness.

We must continue to speak out, to urge the Brazilian authorities to put an end to the eviction and negotiate a just, permanent solution for these vulnerable families.

Add your voice

  • Sign our petition asking the Brazilian authorities to stop the eviction.
  • Print off the petition and ask people in your parish to add their signatures.
  • Show solidarity with the Mauá community by taking a picture of yourself holding a sign saying #ficamaua to share on Twitter with @CAFOD or Facebook.

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