The ways your voice counted in 2019

16 December 2019

Volunteers holding a CAFOD banner.

The Time is Now lobby of parliament was organised by over 100 organisations – members of the Climate Coalition and Greener UK - to show our politicians their constituents really do care about tackling climate change.

This year you have helped us focus on the urgent need to protect our common home. The damage that is being done to our precious earth has been increasingly in the public eye and the media spotlight. Surveys show that the environment has become one of the most important issues in the minds of many more people – and it has moved up the agenda of our political parties, too. This is important to the poorest people in our world who depend on the environment for life.

As a campaigner you’ve played an important role in this, continuing to raise awareness about the climate crisis and calling on our politicians to urgently take more action.

You got net zero into law

34,620 people, from hundreds of parishes and schools, added their signatures to CAFOD petitions to the Prime Minister asking Parliament to act urgently and tackle the climate crisis.  

In June we witnessed a historic breakthrough as the UK became the first major economy in the world to commit to ending its contribution to climate change by setting a net zero emissions target.

Thousands of you then gathered at Westminster for The Time is Now mass lobby of Parliament. An estimated 12,000 people from all faiths and walks of life came together to say that the climate crisis is not the legacy we want to leave for our grandchildren. With over 381 MPs coming out to meet their constituents – the most of any mass lobby – we know that we made a noise so loud it couldn’t be ignored!

This week, we took our Christmas wish list to Parliament and asked our newly elected Prime Minister to ensure that policies are put in place to reach net zero emissions, investment overseas is in line with global climate targets and, crucially, that the UK shows strong international leadership in 2020.

As the eyes of the world turn to Glasgow, it’s more important than ever to ensure that people and planet are kept at the heart of decision making.

Two people dressed as elves holding a Christmas list

Christmas elves hand in a petition to the Prime Minister with a wish list on achieving net zero.

You said no to fossil fuels

After our research highlighted that the UK is still supporting fossil fuels overseas - despite pledging to tackle climate change and poverty - many of you took to Twitter to ask your MP to end aid support for fossil fuels and instead support local, renewable energy that we know benefits the poorest communities. You ensured that MPs responded to this with a commitment to take action.


You made your votes count

As we’ve moved towards the end of the year, many of you wrote letters to your local papers, calling for all candidates in the General Election to look beyond Brexit to ensure that critical global issues don’t fall off the agenda. You called for an outward-looking, interconnected society, saying how vital it is for UK Aid to continue to be spent on tackling poverty – and that we are the last generation that can tackle the climate crisis.

You stood in solidarity

You also sent messages of solidarity to brave environmental and human rights Defenders around the world this Christmas, letting them know that we are praying for their safety. We received hundreds of messages for Batista, Nora, Albert and the group Fuerza Mujeres Wayuu and will deliver it to them in the New Year.

Thank you for campaigning with us in 2019 – see you in 2020!

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