Campaigning works! UK Government releases plan to cut the carbon

20 October 2017

Wind farm at sunset

Pope Francis asks us all to take responsibility for our common home. 

Climate change pushes our vulnerable sisters and brothers around the world deeper into poverty.

That’s why we welcome the government’s new Clean Growth Strategy, which sets out an ambitious plan of how they will cut greenhouse gas emissions and tackle climate change.

Thank you for speaking up on climate change in solidarity with the poorest communities.  

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What is the Clean Growth Strategy?

The Clean Growth Strategy was published earlier this month by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS).

It considers how the UK could continue to grow our economy while cutting greenhouse gas emissions in areas such as transport, housing, and business. It also reaffirms the UK’s national and international commitments to tackle climate change.

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The power of your campaigning

Many of you spoke up to your MPs during The Climate Coalition’s week of action in July. You called for a plan to reduce carbon emissions, and the government has listened to your concerns.  

Sarah Croft, CAFOD Campaign Manager, says, “Hundreds of Catholics across England and Wales have urged their MPs to act on climate change. Thanks to your campaigning, the government has made a positive step towards a low-carbon future. We will follow their next steps closely, and continue to press our leaders to act on climate change.”

Stepping up the ambition

The Clean Growth Strategy is a step in the right direction. However, CAFOD warns all government departments must take this seriously by working together to cut carbon emissions.

Neil Thorns, Director of Advocacy and Communications at CAFOD says, “We must continue to move forward more ambitiously than we have done, for sake of our common home and if we’re to protect vulnerable communities worldwide from the worst impacts of environmental degradation.”

Please continue to speak up with us, to ensure the UK remains a leader in the global fight on climate change.

Sign our Power to be petition to the World Bank, to support renewable energy that benefits the world’s poorest people.  

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