Climate week of action success

17 October 2016

Andy Burnham MP with CAFOD young leaders at St Mary’s Catholic High School, Astley, discussing climate change

In 2016 Andy Burnham MP visited St Mary’s Catholic High School, Astley, to discuss climate change with 20 CAFOD young leaders. 

From students in Manchester to parishioners in Kent, last week thousands of Climate Coalition supporters met with their MPs, organised and attended community events, and spoke to their local communities to help bring power to the world’s poorest people.  

The 8-16 October marked the Climate Coalition’s Speak Up week of action. Across the country, there were over 250 events to Speak Up to local government representatives and to ask them to take action to tackle climate change and further invest in renewable energy for developing communities.  

Engaging local communities

CAFOD volunteers were determined to spread their message to a wide audience and attended many community events; Keith Taylor from St Albans parish, Macclesfield, set up a CAFOD stall at the local treacle market and met with MP, David Rutley. Angela Terry, an environmental scientist, provided ‘food for thought’ at the annual Somerset Wells Food Festival and was joined by local MP James Heappey.  

CAFOD representative in Surrey, Jo Lewry, met with MP Jeremy Hunt and discussed the benefits of renewable energy both locally and internationally. St Aidan’s parish in Wigan met with their local Councillor, Paul Kenny, to support initiatives that promote renewable energy. Purley parishioners held a Harvest festival where they learned about their local environment and wrote postcards to their MP.

In Salford, hundreds of people gathered for a walk around the park with their local MP, Rebecca Long-Bailey, to remind themselves of the beauty of their doorstep which could be altered by the changing climate.

Young leader’s first lobby 

As part of an interfaith group, 16-year-old young leader, Aaron from Carshalton met with climate minister Nick Hurd to discuss renewable energy in developing countries and the importance of lobbying in influencing an MPs decision making.

Read what the Department for Energy tweeted about the meet:

At St Mary’s Catholic High School, Astley, more than 20 students from CAFOD’s young leadership programme met with Andy Burnham MP, to discuss the activities they take within their school to support positive climate action. He said:

“You can use renewable energy to help benefit people in a greater way. As an MP I get to vote on things that affect climate change. When it comes to climate change, you’ve got to get individuals to make changes to their lives. However, that’s more likely to happen if big organisations are also saying ‘this is what we should be doing.’”

Step into the Gap volunteers, Hannah Heaney and James Ronan, welcomed two MPs, Paul Maynard and Gordon Marsden to St Mary’s Academy in Blackpool. At the event, students posed questions to the MPs about how they aim to tackle climate change.

Together we made a massive difference

CAFOD is a member of the Climate Coalition, a collection of over 100 organisations, which represents more than 11 million people across the UK dedicated to action on climate change and limiting its impact on the world’s poorest communities.

CAFOD Campaigns Manager, Sarah Croft said:

“It was so exciting to see so many Catholics around the country uniting to send a strong message MPs. On behalf of our neighbours globally and locally, they have shown that they want to see concrete action on climate and energy.

“Thanks to your hard work speaking up, the week has been back by Nick Hurd, Minister of State at the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy and hundreds of MPs around the country have heard your call for action'

By becoming a CAFOD MP Correspondent (MPC), you can help to ensure that the voices of many of the world’s poorest and most vulnerable people are heard in the corridors of power. 

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