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17 May 2017

CAFOD young volunteers in Fatima, Portugal

CAFOD young volunteers at an international conference on sustainability, Portugal

Young leaders joined Catholics from around the world in Portugal last week to care for our common home.

From 9-14 May 2017, five CAFOD volunteers travelled to Fatima, Portugal, to attend an international climate change workshop inspired by Pope Francis’ encyclical Laudato Si’.

The group joined participants from Portugal, Slovakia, Spain, France, Belgium and Canada. They shared ideas of how we can care for our common home and each other in a sustainable way, by limiting the effects of climate change and enabling the world's poorest communities to lift themselves out of poverty. 

Ask your election candidates to tackle poverty and climate change

Harriet Rees, 20, who travelled from Wrexham, North Wales, said, “It is difficult to sum up the amazing, life-changing experience, but for me there was a simple message that stood out: that we as God’s people are all connected, to each other and to the earth.”

A vision of justice and peace

In an inspiring act of faith, the five climate champions- Eleanor, Harriet, Sandra, Jason and Tom- took part in an 18km pilgrimage to Fatima. 

They joined thousands of Catholics for a candlelit vigil led by Pope Francis, to celebrate 100 years since the Virgin Mary appeared in Fatima. 

Pope Francis shared this message with the young pilgrims: “We will tear down all walls and cross every frontier, as we go out to every periphery, to make known God’s justice and peace”.

You can help bring about God’s vision of justice and peace by taking action today. Please email your election candidates and ask them to tackle poverty, climate change, and to stand alongside the most vulnerable communities.   

Email your election candidates   

Act now for our shared future

Hundreds of people across England and Wales have contacted their local candidates so far ahead of the general election 2017. Together, we can challenge our candidates to act for the sake of our sisters and brothers living in poverty.

If you’ve already emailed your candidates, thank you. But we need to keep up the pressure. Please email your local candidates and download our general election briefing. 

Act now for our common future


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