How to organise a Creation Celebration

8 May 2019

CAFOD Creation Celebration Mass

CAFOD staff at their own Creation Celebration mass in their London office.

Catholics across England and Wales are busy organising Creation Celebrations as part of the Our Common Home campaign. A Creation Celebration involves a creation-themed mass followed by a shared meal and a continued conversation on climate change. Sounds tricky? We’ve got some tips to get you started.

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Before your Creation Celebration

  • Announce your event: Put an announcement in your parish newsletter and use our parish promotional poster to let people know what, where and when the celebration will be.
  • Speak to your parish priest: It's really important that you brief your parish priest on your plans and agree on all key parts of the Mass and meal. 
  • Do some research: Take a look at our climate FAQs to get clued up on the facts, and to inform what to discuss on the day. You can also download and print our factsheet for people to look at during the meal.
  • Get prepared: Download our Organisers' Guide. The guide has everything you need to make your event informative, inspiring and impactful.
CAFOD staff and volunteers sharing a meal for their Creation Celebration at Romero House.

CAFOD staff and volunteers kick off the campaign with a Creation Celebration at Romero House. 

On the day of your Creation Celebration

  • Follow a schedule: Assign volunteers to help with the Mass (e.g. the Offertory, Bidding Prayers etc), to help organise the petition signing, or to help provide food for the shared meal afterwards.
  • Get people inspired and informed: Share our campaign launch film showing the global climate fight and share our net zero film to help explain the political ask.
  • Nominate leaders: To help facilitate the meal discussions, we've found it helpful to have key people (who are comfortable to ask the questions and keep the conversation moving) lead the groups. 
  • Sign our climate change petitionIf you need more pages, photocopy the signature side of the petition! 

After your Creation Celebration

  • Well done! We’d love to hear about your successful day. Email your photos to or tweet us at @cafod (don’t forget the hashtag #ForOurCommonHome).
  • Tell your Community Participation Coordinator that you have held your Creation Celebration. We want to be able to share all the inspiring work being done. 
  • Send the signed petition back to us here at CAFOD. You could also post a photocopy to your MP to maximise impact.

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