Could you connect the poor to the powerful?

21 January 2016

Portsmouth Volunteers at Speak Up for the Love Of.

 Portsmouth volunteers speak up to their elected representative

Change happens when we tell those in power about the injustices we see in our world.

Whether it’s asking our Government to respond to a humanitarian disaster, lobbying for cuts to carbon emissions or keeping Members of Parliament aware of the plight of refugees, writing to your MP makes an enormous difference.

Become an MP Correspondent today

In the last year, the number of CAFOD supporters who write to their MPs has grown. So much so that we now have at least one MP Correspondent in 80% of constituencies in England and Wales.

This is something to celebrate. The more MPs we are able to build regular, personal relationships with, the more effective we can be in influencing policy for the good of our brothers and sisters living in poverty.

But there are many MPs who don’t have an MP Correspondent in their constituency, or who only have one. These include ministers, MPs on important committees like energy and climate change, and Catholic MPs who would be interested in hearing from us.

Could you help us reach all MPs with our messages so that they sit up and take notice of our campaigns?

Download the guide to becoming an MP Correspondent

What does it take to be an MP Correspondent?

From students to lawyers, priests to grandparents, our MP Correspondents come from all walks of life. Even if you’ve never written to your MP before, as a constituent you have the right to lobby them.

This is a way to build the relationship you have with them and urge them to act on the issues that are important to you.

All you need is a passion to speak up for our brothers and sisters living in poverty around the world. The rest we’ll help you with.

We’ll ask you to write to your MP three or four times a year, but only when there is a real opportunity to bring about change in the political landscape. You’ll get a briefing pack to help you write your letter and online resources to give you ideas.

Ryan Henson, Senior Political Adviser for CAFOD said, “I’d really encourage you to sign up and be part of this fantastic scheme. This is about connecting the poor to the powerful and it has a real and tangible impact on the lives of the people whom we seek to support.”

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