Campaign success: MPs speak up on energy

13 February 2017

Nick Clegg MP and CAFOD supporters show the love for the climate. 

Renewable energy transforms lives. Thank you for showing your MPs how much you care about energy access for the world’s poorest communities.   

Over 1,000 CAFOD campaigners have contacted their MPs to ask them to speak up for renewable energy by tabling a parliamentary question. Thanks to your political campaigning, renewable energy is now firmly on the politicians’ agenda.

Energy unlocks poverty

Less than £2 of every £10 of aid spent in developing countries reaches the people who need it most, and poor, remote, or rural communities risk being left behind.

CAFOD supporters have spoken up in solidarity by calling for greater access to energy for the poorest.     

Thanks to you, more than 30 questions have been asked by local MPs from Huddersfield to Hammersmith, and Birmingham to Birkenhead. The Department for International Development (DFID) has heard your call for increased investment in energy that benefits the world’s poorest people.   

Successful climate change campaign

MPs from across the political spectrum have spoken up in support of renewable energy. This cross-party support is worth celebrating, and it’s all thanks to your campaigning.

Conservative MP Jeremy Hunt said, “Renewable energy is the future for developing countries”, whilst Labour MP John Spellar said to campaigners, “We definitely agree on the issue of renewable energy”.

Your actions have helped reaffirm DFID’s commitment to renewable energy. A DFID spokesperson has said, “Access to reliable, affordable, and sustainable electricity is critical to economic growth, poverty reduction, investment and job creation.”

Sarah Croft, CAFOD Campaign Manager, says “Simply asking a parliamentary question might not sound like much. But every time an MP hears from constituents and speaks out about an issue they care about, the pressure grows on the government to act. MPs and ministers are now talking about climate change and renewable energy – and that’s thanks to you.”

Now, we need to continue to keep up the pressure, so that this commitment is translated into spending on sustainable energy which reaches the world’s poorest people.  

Show the love this February

This Valentine’s day, show the love for our global family. Do something really special by sending a handmade green heart to your MP.

It’s going to be another exciting few months, and we hope you’ll continue to journey with us. Later in spring 2017, we’re launching a brand-new action so that even more of our global neighbours can access the energy they need to escape poverty. This is something your whole parish or community can get involved with- so watch this space!   

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