Our common future: four more ways to make your voice heard

8 June 2017

6th formers meet Nicky Morgan MP

Young campaigners speak up to Nicky Morgan MP

Thank you for speaking up during the general election 2017. Hundreds of you have contacted your candidates, calling on them to tackle poverty, climate change, and build a fairer future for the world’s poorest communities.

General election campaigning is now over, but we must continue to speak up.

Speak up to your MP during the week of action

How volunteering makes a difference

Thank you for so generously giving your time: from asking questions at hustings meetings, to writing to your local newspapers. Thanks to you, politicians from two-thirds of constituencies in England and Wales have heard how much you care about global justice.

Here we take a look and celebrate four more ways you can make a difference by volunteering.

1.       Keep in touch with your MP

We now have 650 new or re-elected MPs. We know who they are, and we know why they're there: to represent your concerns in parliament and in your constituency. By becoming an MP Correspondent, and regularly writing to your MP, you can show that you expect them to play their part in caring for our common home and our neighbours near and far.

In this election, people of all ages engaged with the issues at stake and turned out to vote in high numbers. When people speak up, politicians have to listen.

Volunteer voice: John, MP correspondent
John Daveny, CAFOD MP Correspondent

John Daveny, CAFOD MP Correspondent

During the general election in 2015, John met his MP in his parish and asked them to tackle poverty and climate change. As an MP Correspondent, he keeps in touch with his MP by writing to them three times a year.

2.       Pray for your newly-elected MP

As we welcome the start of a new parliament, please pray for your elected representatives. Download our new prayer and share it with your parish.

A prayer for our elected leaders

God of all,

bless our elected leaders with listening ears

that hear both the cry of the earth and the cry of the poor,

bless them with open hearts

that hunger and thirst for justice,

and bless them with the courage

to work together towards the common good.

We ask this through Christ our Lord,


Sarah Croft/CAFOD

3.       Join the Speak Up week of action

For the sake of the poorest people and for generations to come, we need politicians of all parties who are passionate advocates for tackling climate change and supporting renewable energy.

The Climate Coalition’s week of action, 1-9 July, is an exciting opportunity to meet your new MP and speak up on poverty and climate change. Hundreds of local events are planned across the country. Please join in - and organise an event in your parish or attend a local event? Sign up on the map to get started.


Volunteer voice: Pat Boyle, Liverpool diocese

During the Speak Up week of action last year, Pat organised a meeting with her local MP in her parish. She collected hundreds of signatures from parishioners in support of CAFOD campaigns.

4.       Write to your local newspaper

Write to your local newspaper and make sure people know that poverty, climate change, and Britain’s role in the world are crucial issues for this new parliament. Use our online template - it takes just two minutes, but your letter could reach thousands of people.

Volunteer voice: Norah Hanson, Middlesborough diocese

Norah volunteers in her parish. She often speaks at her local radio station on behalf of CAFOD, acting as spokesperson on issues of poverty and injustice.

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