Pope Francis' suggestions for reducing your carbon footprint

29 June 2015

Laudato Si': All is not lost

In Laudato Si' Pope Francis asks us all to take responsibility for our common home individually, locally and internationally. He says societal problems must be addressed by community networks and that politicians need to take positive action against climate change at this year's UN summits.

When talking about our lives as individuals, the Holy Father asks us to find ways to live more simply and he says, “There is a nobility in the duty to care for creation through little daily actions, and it is wonderful how education can bring about real changes in lifestyles." He goes on to list eight ways you can act today to reduce your carbon footprint and play your part in caring for creation.

If you've been inspired by the message of Laudato Si', see if you can commit to some of these practical actions. You can share the images with your friends on social media.

Laudato Si' calls on us to use fewer plastic bottles

Buy Fairtrade, recycled gifts for your friends and family.


Laudato Si' calls us to reduce our water consumption

Take inspiration from Father Rob who challenged himself to live on 10 litres of water a day - watch Father Rob's video

Laudati Si' calls us to recycle our waste

Find out how you can turn your unwanted items - anything from loose change to your car - into a donation for CAFOD with our trash for cash schemes.


Laudato Si' calls on us to cook only what you need

For low-carbon, meat-free meal suggestions order a copy of Friday Suppers, written for CAFOD by Pauline Curran with a foreword by Delia Smith.

Laudato Si' calls on us to care for living beings

Say our prayer in union with creation.


Laudato Si' calls on us to use more public transport

Talk to people in your parish and see if you can share lifts to church. Why not go one step further and organise a walk to church weekend? Take inspiration from St John Bosco and Our Lady of Peace in Reading and St Mary’s and St Joseph’s in Aldershot - read their blog.  


Laudato Si' calls on us to plant more trees

Your donations are helping the diocese of Kitui, Kenya, to tackle deforestation and create a sustainable water supply by planting tress and building dams. Find out more about Hands On Kitui and read about Tabitha and her community who've planted 3,046 new trees in the area. 


Laudato Si' calls us to turn off unnecessary lights

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