Power to be: how you can transform lives

13 June 2017

Ask the World Bank to support renewable energy overseas.

Ask the World Bank to support renewable energy overseas. 

Join our new Power to be campaign, and give children around the world hope for a brighter future.

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The power to break free from poverty

Veronica, 16, lives with her family in a remote village in Kenya. She loves going to school. Her father didn’t have this opportunity when he was a child, and he wants her to succeed. 

Veronica has a great dream. She hopes to finish school and someday become a politician to represent the women of her country.

For years, Veronica used a paraffin lamp to help her study in the evening. But this lamp created smoky fumes and she found it hard to concentrate on her homework. With no other means for her family to afford electricity, she started to think her dream would never come true.

This is the reality facing millions of children around the world. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Please join our call for local, renewable energy that benefits the poorest communities. 

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Renewable energy transforms lives

Now, Veronica has new hope – and it’s all thanks to the power of the sun.

Solar panels were installed on her school roof, bringing light to her classroom. And she was given her very own solar-powered lamp to help her study at night.

Just imagine her joy as she opened her books and, for the first time, she could read them in full light. She is now free to enjoy her studies. 

“Now that we have the solar panels at school,” she says, “there’ll be evening classes and I’ll be able to do the extra work I need to. School makes me feel powerful; it empowers me to achieve my plans for the future.”

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Join our Power to be campaign

Veronica is looking forward to her bright future. You can give children around the world this same opportunity to build a better life.

The UK spends money on energy access for the poorest communities through the World Bank. But only a tiny proportion – less than three per cent – of World Bank energy spending supports the kind of energy that we know benefits poor communities.  

Please sign our petition to the World Bank, and ask for more support for local, renewable energy. So that everyone can reach their God-given potential.

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