Ready… Steady… walk for refugees

6 June 2018

CAFOD supporters walking in solidarity with refugees on a Share the Journey walk.

Organise a Share the Journey walk in your local area to stand in solidarity with refugees. Help us reach our target of 24,900 miles – the distance around the world.

Join or organise a Share the Journey walk and help us walk 24,900 miles - the distance around the world. We’re walking in solidarity with refugees as part of a global campaign led by Pope Francis, Share the Journey, to stand up for the rights of refugees and migrants.

Will you walk with us and add your miles to our grand total from across England and Wales?

How to organise a walk for refugees 

It’s easy! You and your community, whether a school, parish or simply a group of friends, can take a wonderful act of solidarity.

Any age or group can take part. Add the miles you walk to our grand total from across England and Wales and follow your progress around the world on our totaliser.  

Just follow these simple steps to hold your own walk around the world.

Step 1:  Download CAFOD’s Share the Journey resources

Download or order online the Share the Journey organisers’ guide, or download the schools' guide You’ll find all the steps to follow for your walk to happen.

Step 2:  Pick a date

Choose a date between now and September. Organise your event at least a month in advance so you can let people know it’s happening. A Saturday or Sunday may be best for families. Why not consider doing it during Refugee Week from 18 to 24 June?

Step 3:  Choose a location

Start somewhere familiar, such as your church, school, local landmark or park. Check how long the route is in advance, as you will need to write the number of miles walked on your campaign cards. You can calculate your route online on google map. Just right click on your starting point and choose “Measure distance".

Step 4:  Create a walk for everyone

Make sure your route is accessible for people with wheelchairs, prams and families with young children. Consider people less able to walk – you could ask them to join in prayer and spirit, and then meet the group at the end. 

Step 5:  Invite people

At church: ask your priest if you can announce the walk after Mass. At school: say a few words at the end of assembly. Use our short talk from the organiser's guide to help. Welcome people who may feel alone, are new to the area, or seeking asylum.

Step 6:  On the day get there early

Welcome people as they arrive. Give each participant a campaign card and encourage people to read the stories on the cards before the walk begins.  

Each card includes a story, prayers and questions for reflection. It also contains a message to send to the Prime Minister calling for new global agreements to put the human dignity of refugees and migrants at their heart. 

Step 7:  To end your journey

Give out pens and invite everyone to sign the campaign cards. Ask each person to write the number of miles they have walked in the space on the card. Collect the cards before saying the final prayer. Send the cards back to CAFOD.

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