Respond to Pope Francis’ call to embrace refugees

4 June 2018


Pope Francis calls us to act in solidarity with refugees and migrants.  One way you can respond to this call is to get involved with our Share the Journey campaign.

Join us as we walk 24,900 miles – the distance around the world – in solidarity with people who are forced to flee their homes. As part of our campaign we also invite you to sign our Share the Journey petition to the Prime Minister, asking her to put human dignity at the heart of global agreements on refugees and migrants. 

Download your Share the Journey walk guide or order a printed copy or download the guide for schools

Why should we step up for migrants and refugees?

"In a spirit of compassion, let us embrace all those fleeing from war and hunger, or forced by discrimination, persecution, poverty and environmental degradation to leave their homelands. It is not enough to open our hearts to the suffering of others. Much more remains to be done…”

Pope Francis on World Day of Peace

There is a compelling call. Pope Francis calls us to take action for refugees both as individuals and groups, as he believes it “is our duty”.

There are journeys to share. From Colombia to Uganda, Bangladesh to Myanmar the Church worldwide provides support to hundreds of thousands of people on the move. People like Khodesha who fled Myanmar. She told us:"People had been killed and their houses burnt. We walked for days through the jungle before reaching the border…”  Khodesha lives now in a refugee camp in Bangladesh, where CAFOD is providing food and healthcare.

By joining our Share the Journey campaign you will hear more stories from migrants around the world.

How can you step up for refugees?

1. Support Pope Francis’ Share the Journey campaign by walking in solidarity with refugees and migrants. Every step you take, together with others, will send a message to world leaders that they must also step up. Organise a walk in your parish, school or community and help us reach our goal of  walking 24,900 miles – the distance around the whole world! We need your help.

2. Sign our Share the Journey petition to the Prime Minister now to urge Britain to play a leading role in the forthcoming global agreements on migration and refugees.

Why should we act now?

The United Nations want to adopt two new international agreements on refugees and migration during the UN General Assembly in September 2018. As Pope Francis reminds us, “shared agreements at a global level… will provide a framework for policy proposals and practical measures”.

This is why Pope Francis is speaking out now to influence the outcome of these consultations. He believes these agreements “need to be inspired by compassion, foresight and courage.”

The Catholic community in more than 150 countries is already involved. It is time for us in England and Wales to act! Join us today: download your Share the Journey walk guide order a printed copy or download the schools' guide.

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