Sisters Act: Campaigners ask Sainsbury’s to put the Fairtrade mark back where it belongs

25 October 2017

Nuns outside Sainsbury's HQ ask the company to get back on board with Fairtrade

Carrying a plane ticket and their passports, nuns outside Sainsbury's HQ ask the company to get back on board with Fairtrade.

Campaigners descended on Sainsbury’s head office in London to call on chief executive Mike Coupe to rethink their plans to ditch the Fairtrade mark on its own-brand Red Label tea.

Carrying a plane ticket and their passports, they asked Sainsbury’s to get back on board with Fairtrade.

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Campaigners Respond to Sainsbury’s

Sainsbury’s sparked an outcry when it announced in May that it was to replace the Fairtrade certification with its own ‘Fairly Traded’ scheme for its Red Label tea. Campaigners are concerned that this scheme could result in a worse deal for farmers.

Over 150,000 people have now signed the petition calling for Sainsbury’s to rethink its decision. However over four months on from their announcement, there is still a lack of clarity on how Sainsbury’s proposed scheme would work, in particular how decisions will be reached on awarding the additional social premiums to communities.

Dan Hale, Head of Campaigns has said: “If this was Parliament, then over 100,000 people signing a petition would be enough to secure a debate on what Sainsbury’s is doing. Sainsbury’s has been the leading supermarket when it comes to Fairtrade. We want it to listen to its customers’ concerns and explain how its ‘Fairly Traded’ scheme could be as good for small-scale producers and farmers as Fairtrade has been over the past 25 years.”

Sister Chris McGarry, who went along to Sainsbury’s head office, explained why she supports Fairtrade: “I was a teacher for most of my life – a large proportion of Fairtrade is invested in education which is very important, and a lot goes to supporting women in business.” 

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Day of action on Saturday

This Saturday, 28 October, campaigners will be visiting their local Sainsbury’s stores to raise awareness of the supermarket’s decision and to push for answers. Get involved with these simple steps:

  • Step 1: Personalise and print our letter to Sainsbury's
  • Step 2: Print the 'Ditching Fairtrade: Not my cup of tea' mug and take a photo with it outside your local Sainsbury's. Take along your family and friends if possible. Share on social media using #NotMyCupOfTea and share them with @CAFOD.
  • Step 3: Hand in the letter to the local store manager.

You can also go one step further by purchasing a box of 'Fairly Traded' tea and then return it immediately with the letter, explaining why you don't want Sainsbury's ditching Fairtrade.

Together we can help put the Fairtrade certification back where it belongs. 

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