Stand in solidarity against climate breakdown

22 August 2019

 School girls at the June 2019 mass climate lobby

School girls demand 'more Masses, less gasses' at the June 2019 mass lobby for climate and the environment in London. 

Around the world, young people are frustrated about the lack of action to tackle the climate crisis. They have repeatedly asked governments to act to protect their future. But the current pace of change is just too slow.

Out of desperation, over 1 million school children have taken to the streets on Fridays during term time and during the holidays to demand politicians listen. Catholic school pupils have met with their MPs, inviting them into schools and travelling down to Parliament to lobby them. They are inviting everyone to take to the streets in hundreds of towns and cities across the UK to demand change. 

Working across the generations

Pope Francis recognised the frustration of young people in his encyclical Laudato Si’: ‘Young people demand change. They wonder how anyone can claim to be building a better future without thinking of the environmental crisis and the sufferings of the excluded.’

Pope Francis has also emphasised that to solve this urgent climate crisis, we must work across the generations. We can’t leave young people facing this crisis alone. They are scared about the world they are growing up in and shouldn’t be forced to skip school to get the attention of adults who are shaping their future

On 20 September, the UK Student Climate Network is calling on everyone, young and old, to stand in solidarity with them. They are inviting everyone to take to the streets in hundreds of towns and cities across the UK to demand change. 

See where your nearest event is

This global strike will coincide with the Climate Action Summit, happening on 23 September. A global stand against climate breakdown will prove to our governments how serious we are in our demand for urgent and lasting action.

Join them in solidarity

Climate breakdown is not the legacy we want to leave for future generations. The science is clear, and we know the next 18 months will be crucial if we are to protect the future of younger generations.

Show young people they aren’t alone and stand in solidarity. We recognise that it is not possible for everyone to ‘strike’, so there are lots of other ways you can show your support:

Let’s join them, show them they are not alone and ask our government to act.

Read more about the 'prayer bridge' happening in London on 7 October


We recognise the daily pressures faced by schools as well as the safeguarding concerns which may mean schools can’t approve strike action.

If you want to support your pupils to take action on the climate crisis within your school or local community, we have lots of resources available for both secondary and primary schools. Do let us know what you are doing so that we can amplify your voice and concerns.

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