Thank you for helping to bring power to the people

24 August 2016

Thousands of people have helped to bring power to the people by encouraging the government to provide renewable energy to poor communities.

Speak Up to bring power to the people

More than 3,700 people signed a petition, emailed or tweeted Nick Hurd MP – who was International Development Minister until the recent government reshuffle – to ask him to help the one-in-five people around the world who lack the electricity necessary to light homes, cook safely, and set up businesses.

Now Minister for Climate Change and Industry, Mr Hurd told CAFOD campaigners at a reception in Parliament that he accepted their challenge. He wrote a letter of thanks to CAFOD supporters, saying: “I welcome your support on this issue and agree that energy access is a priority.”

Ask your MP to keep energy access on the agenda

The Minister also spoke about the importance of solar power at the Africa Energy Forum in London following calls from dozens of CAFOD supporters on Twitter:

Sarah Croft from CAFOD said:

“We’re delighted that the government has listened to the thousands of CAFOD supporters who have signed petitions, written emails and tweeted, and we’d like to thank those people for standing in solidarity with communities which lack access to energy.

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“It’s great that the government has committed to promoting access to solar energy for poor households and supporting the world’s pledge as part of the Sustainable Development Goals for everyone to have access to energy. But we need the government to go further. Less than £2 out of every £10 of aid spent on energy in developing countries helps people living in poverty access energy.

“That’s why we’re asking CAFOD supporters to write and Speak Up to their MPs to call on the government to spend that money better, making sure that people in remote communities have the renewable energy they need to run health clinics, schools and businesses.”

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