Climate and Energy Secretary Amber Rudd has responded to your calls for action on climate change

23 February 2016

Climate campaigners take action during Paris climate talks

Last year, an incredible 40,000 of you signed our climate petition calling on David Cameron to show leadership at the UN climate talks in Paris. At the talks, nearly 200 countries agreed a historic climate deal.

The Paris deal sends a signal to business and investors that we have started the shift to a low carbon economy. It is a start towards limiting global temperature rise below 2 degrees and to pursue efforts to keep it below 1.5 degrees.

In a letter to CAFOD, prompted by your campaign actions, Climate and Energy Secretary Amber Rudd recognised the importance of this agreement as a “clear turning point towards a sustainable and low carbon future”.

She also highlighted the important role that Pope Francis’ encyclical Laudato Si’ played in securing an ambitious deal on climate: “I would like to thank CAFOD for the key role they played in helping to communicate the document and look forward to working closely together to build on what was achieved at COP21.”

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A shift to energy that benefits all

The Paris agreement is a good start, it doesn’t yet offer the security that we will make necessary changes fast enough to prevent climate change pushing people deeper into poverty.

Despite their international commitments, our research has shown the UK Government is still spending billions of pounds supporting fossil fuel investments overseas, double the amount invested in renewable energy. Investing in renewable energy is vital, not just to tackle climate change, but so poor communities can power their homes, their schools and clinics, produce food and run businesses. 

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Campaign manager Sarah Croft said, “Thank you to everyone who has already emailed the Climate and Energy Secretary, asking her to champion a shift in UK energy investment overseas away from fossil fuels, towards renewable energy. Your voices are being heard. She has told us that her department is pushing for fossil fuel subsidy reform, but that’s not enough. We now need Amber Rudd to champion the shift towards renewable energy across all government departments.”

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