Who will you share your heart with this Valentine’s Day?

27 January 2017

Hand-making a green heart

Show your love for creation by hand-crafting a green heart

This Valentine’s Day, show how much you care about action on climate change by making and sharing a green heart with your loved ones. 

Get creative with your friends and family and show the love for God’s creation. Create your own green hearts with our knitting pattern, baking recipe, our prayers and our children’s liturgy.

Will you show the love?

I urgently appeal, then, for a new dialogue about how we are shaping the future of our planet. We need a conversation which includes everyone.

Pope Francis, Laudato Si’

We all have a special place we treasure; whether it’s our local park, the winding rivers of north Wales, or the mountains of the Lake District.

Yet, our beautiful world is under threat from the changing climate, and it’s the poorest people who are most vulnerable. One in five of our sisters and brothers still don’t have access to the clean energy they need to lift themselves out of poverty. 

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This February, show you care by starting a conversation on climate change. Share a green heart and get chatting to your grandchildren, your neighbour, your parish priest, or even your MP. Together, we can show how much we love and want to protect our common home.

Make your own green heart

We need a conversation that includes everyone. So we’ll be joining thousands of people across the country, as part of The Climate Coalition, to talk about the things we love, and the clean energy choices we must make to protect our world.

Hand-crafting your own green hearts with your loved ones is a wonderful way to start talking. Here are some ideas to inspire you:

It doesn’t matter how you make your heart or what you make it out of. It can be edible, stitched, knitted, fluffy, sparkly, cut out of cardboard – you name it. What matters is that it comes from your heart and symbolises your passion for our world, this common home we share.

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