Thank you for helping children in Nepal go back to school safely

31 August 2017

Thirteen-year-old Nirjala is a student at the new  Palchok Lower Secondary School.

Thirteen-year-old Nirjala is a student at the new  Palchok Lower Secondary School.

School children in Nepal are learning in new earthquake-resilient schools, following the devastation of the 2015 earthquake. Thank you for supporting our partners' work in Nepal after the emergency. 

On 25 April 2015, a massive 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck Nepal. Millions of people were affected, at least 8,700 were killed, and more than half a million homes were destroyed. Just over two weeks later, on 12 May, a second 7.3 magnitude earthquake hit the country, adding to the destruction.

Building better schools

In Sindhupalchowk District the earthquake resulted in 89 per cent of school classrooms being destroyed or made unsafe. Thanks to your donations, we are helping to rebuild 34 schools and training teachers and students on how to be safer in disasters.

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Palchok Lower Secondary School is a new earthquake-resilient school.

Palchok Lower Secondary School is a new earthquake-resilient school.

Two new earthquake-resilient schools - Kolechaur Primary School and Palchok Lower Secondary School - were completed earlier this year, and have been handed over to the local communities.

Thirteen-year-old Nirjala (above) is a student at the secondary school. During the earthquake her grandmother was trapped under the ruins of her house for four hours, but eventually Nirjala managed to free her. Their home destroyed, the family now live in a tiny, temporary hut with a corrugated tin roof.

Every spare inch of space is used. In one corner are the beds, in the other a gas stove. In between, corncobs are lined up on a wall rack. Life in the shelter is hard. Nirjala helps out with chores where she can, as well as doing her school work.

"I was very happy"

“After the earthquake, I doubted that the school would ever be rebuilt,” says Nirjala. “So, I was very happy when I heard about the support.”

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Nirjala knows exactly what she wants to do next: “to become a doctor and help the people in my village who do not have access to medical support.” Hopefully, the new school will play a small part in helping her fulfil her potential.

Following the Nepal earthquakes, the Catholic community in England and Wales donated more than £3.9 million to our Nepal Earthquake Appeal. Our work, helping people like Nirjala to get back on their feet, has only been possible because of your amazing generosity.


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