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Typhoon Mangkhut explained

19 September 2018

The people of the Philippines have experienced the full effects of ‘super-typhoon’ Mangkhut, which left at least 65 people dead and more than 40 trapped in a landslide. Our local aid agency, NASSA, are already on the ground coordinating the humanitarian response.

Venezuelans crossing the border into Colombia.

Venezuela crisis explained

22 August 2018

Venezuela is a country on the northern coast of South America, with a population of around 31 million people. Over the past few years, increasing numbers of people are leaving – seeking refuge in neighbouring countries. Here we explain why.

Caritas India are distributing hygiene kits to communities affected by the flooding and training people in safe and appropriate water and sanitation practices.

Kerala floods explained

20 August 2018

The Southwestern state of Kerala, India, is currently experiencing the worst floods in a century. Torrential rainfall has left over 300 dead and hundreds of thousands homeless, with many running out of clean water and food. CAFOD partners are already responding. 

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