CAFOD 2021 Human Rights Day event

A woman sitting on the branch of a tree next to a stream

Indigenous women in La Guajira, Colombia, play a vital role in defending their land, livelihoods and water sources from large-scale mining.


10 December 2021, 6:30 PM



Watch our Human Rights Day event to learn about and celebrate the work of human rights defenders who are coming under attack and facing growing threats for protecting our common home.

Hear their inspiring life stories and struggles first-hand and find out what concrete actions we can take from here in the UK to stand in solidarity with them. 

Ask your MP to back a Business, Human Rights and Environment Act

Human rights defenders in Latin America help to keep governments and businesses in check, put people ahead of profits, and protect our planet. Yet, in return for their work, they face criminalisation, harassment and violence.

Our recent report, Protecting our common home: land and human rights defenders in Latin America, found that the Covid-19 pandemic has exacerbated deep inequalities and led to increased attacks on human rights defenders and their communities.

Let’s stand in solidarity with them!

Confirmed speakers on the night included:

From Peru

 Ivett Ariana Kana Magaño - is an environmental defender from the Huisa community in Espinar, part of the National Platform of People Affected by Heavy Metals. Her community has been denouncing the impacts of environmental pollution generated by mining in their territory, including on human health, and which so far have not been addressed by either the Peruvian state or the mining company.

Karem Luque - is an environmental and human health specialist at CAFOD’s partner DHSF. Karem will talk about the social, health and environmental impacts of mining, the criminalisation of social leaders protesting against contamination and the struggle to access healthcare for those affected by heavy metals in Espinar, Cusco.  

From Brazil

Maurício Ye’kuana - is a Brazilian indigenous leader, activist, and a Director of CAFOD’s partner, Hutukara Yanomami Association (HAY). Mauricio is from Yanomami Indigenous Territory, where he supports his people to defend their rights and protect the Amazon rainforest despite huge threats from illegal gold mining.

From Colombia

Robinson Mejía Alonso - is a human rights and territory defender, and a Forestry Engineer. He is a member of the Environmental and Farming Committee of Cajamarca Anaime, and of the the Socio-Environmental and Youth Collective of Cajamarca (COSAJUCA)".

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