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26 October 2020


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Although many churches remain open for prayer and public worship, many parishes continue to live stream Mass for those who are not able to attend in person.

Arundel & Brighton: There are a growing number of churches live streaming Mass.

Birmingham: There is a live stream from the Cathedral as well as other churches around the diocese. 

BrentwoodLive streaming from parishes around the diocese.

CardiffLive stream available from St David's Cathedral, as well as other parishes.

Clifton: Daily Mass is streamed from the Cathedral at 9.30am.

East Anglia: Mass is streamed from the National Catholic Shrine at Walsingham as well as St John's Cathedral, Norwich and other churches across the diocese.  

Hallam: St Marie's Cathedral, Sheffield is streaming daily Mass.

Hexham & NewcastleLive streams from facebook or YouTube from parishes across the diocese.

Lancaster: Daily Mass is available from Our Lady of Furness, Barrow.

Leeds: Mass is live streamed from the Cathedral daily as well as being available from other parishes across the diocese.

Liverpool: Information about Sunday Masses which are available as live streams.

Menevia: Has a list of parishes where Mass is available online.

MiddlesbroughLive stream available from St Mary's Cathedral, as well as other parishes. 

NorthamptonThe Cathedral is offering a live streaming service. 

Nottingham: The Diocesan homepage has a link to the parishes live streaming Mass.

Plymouth: Daily live stream on YouTube.

Portsmouth: Bishop Philip is live streaming from his private chapel. There are also Masses being live streamed from the Cathedral.

Salford: Live streaming available from parishes across the diocese.

Shrewsbury: Live stream from the Cathedral as well as St Anthony's, Wythenshawe.

Southwark: Live stream available from various parishes across the archdiocese.

Westminster: A number of churches are live streamed and can be visited online at any time.

Wrexham: Follow the Diocesan social media channels to live stream Masses and other services.

There are also some other sites which host Masses from other churches. Including MCN Media, church services tv, and Heaven's Road FM Catholic Radio

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