Turn on the Taps – CAFOD's work in Uganda


19 February 2016


Eleanor Heans-Glogowska - eheans-glogowska@cafod.org.uk




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Anywhere with an internet connection!


This Lent Fast Day, Friday 19 February, from 1:30 – 2:30pm, you are invited to join our webinar to hear how your support has made a difference in the lives of real people. The webinar takes place over the internet so you can find out about our work in Uganda from your home or office, or anywhere with an internet connection.

This Lent you will hear all about how you can ‘turn on the taps’ for communities in Uganda. Join us to hear Catherine Ogolla, our country representative for Kenya and Uganda, and her team share stories of communities in North East Uganda, Moroto Region, Karamoto district.

If you’d like to join, but you aren’t sure how, email Elly on eheans-glogowska@cafod.org.uk or call 0207 095 5332.  

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