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Your Lent 2018 donations in Zimbabwe

28 March 2019

During Lent 2018, you donated a fantastic £4.3 million, which was doubled by the UK government. 

Since then, our local nutrition experts have been working hard to reach the most vulnerable people.

Caritas Aid workers delivering aid after the Indonesia Tsunami

Indonesia tsunami - volcano and earthquake hit

22 March 2019

Six months on from the Indonesian Tsunami, how is CAFOD continuing to respond? 

Mahinur lives in the Barishal region of Bangladesh, which is prone to extreme weather.

Your questions answered about our work with women

7 March 2019

Why does CAFOD focus on working with women? What is gender equality? We explain our work with women and girls living in poverty around the world.

A mother holds a baby in Yemen suffering from malnutrition, the UN warns that Yemen faces worst famine for 100 years.

Yemen Crisis Q&A

26 February 2019

Stations of the Cross

21 February 2019
Tabitha with a sack of grain

Long-term development Q&A

21 February 2019

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