CAFOD Advent appeal: A grandmother's story

23 November 2017

Two grandmothers who are part of CAFOD's Advent appeal

Advent appeal: Watfa and her friend in a refugee camp in Lebanon

This Advent you may be returning home. You may have loved ones who are making long journeys to visit you for Christmas. During the holy season, will you consider a gift to CAFOD to help people who have been forced from their homes?

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There are two grandmothers Lebanon who will be spending Christmas in a refugee camp.

They made a long trip from their home in Syria, through snow-covered mountains, into Lebanon and now live in a refugee camp.

This journey would normally take three days, but they had to hide from armed groups along the way. They arrived in the camp, tired and starving 12 days after fleeing for their lives.

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CAFOD Advent appeal: A grandmother’s story

Watfa is 70 years old. One night, she was woken from her sleep by a huge explosion. Bombs were dropping on her town. She says:

“We were trapped by aeroplanes…they were bombing us. They were bombing our children. When we ran through the streets, we could see children dying. Some were being kidnapped. I remember seeing bodies of children lying on the streets.”

Can you close your eyes now and imagine what that would be like? How terrifying it would be to see and hear so much devastation around you?

By Christmas, they were in a camp.

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Watfa and her friend Sahara, left their homes and fled. They had so little time, they took just slippers, something to wear and identity papers. She continues:

“We both walked three-and-a-half days in the snow. We didn’t eat, so the journey became harder without food. We had to stop in the mountain for a while because we were so tired.”

Your gift today will help more people take a step on the road to recovery

The grandmothers have been in the camp for five years. It has taken a while, but they have started on that essential road to recovery.

Today, will you please remember these grandmothers and other people around the world who are forced to flee their homes?

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