Hands On: Celebrations in Kitui

14 October 2018

Stella and her family in Kitui

Stella and her family in Kitui, Kenya, are celebrating coming to the end of the Hands On project.

Four years ago, we launched our first ever Hands On project. We invited supporters to donate each month to a specific two-year project in Kitui, Kenya.   

Nearly 2,000 supporters and the people of Kitui decided to get Hands On to change the shape of the land and bring water to the area. Since the project ended, the lives of people in Kitui have been transformed. 

Meet the people who got Hands On in Kitui in our new interactive story

What have we achieved?

Over two years, the community in Kitui received training on farming techniques, which included planting 10,000 trees and constructing thousands of metres of terracing. They also restored the local reservoir and dug wells, which will ensure more than 2,400 people in the community have water to drink and to grow crops. And now, even at the driest periods of the year, the reservoir still holds water for the community. 

To find out more about how Kitui has been transformed, take a look at our Kitui interactive story where you can see a map, photos and videos of the greatest achievements over the two years.

What is next?

After our successes in Kitui, we didn’t stop there. Hands On is a series of ambitious projects that transform lives for whole communities. Our next project is in Colombia, where young people living in the Magdalena Medio region have a plan to build peace in their community. 

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For decades, conflict between government forces, guerrilla groups and paramilitaries have been a part of daily life for people living in the Magdalena Medio region. People are tired of living with fear and violence.

But the young people here have a plan. Working with our local partner PDP (Peace and Development Programme), young people will attend peace workshops so that they can reach their full potential and live a life free from violence.

With your regular support over the next three years, young people will:

  • attend peace building workshops where they will be shown how to resolve conflict without resorting to violence
  • understand their rights and the meaning of good citizenship
  • learn good communication skills
  • share what they have learned with their friends and neighbours, so that more people can flourish.

Set up a Direct Debit to get Hands On

If you choose to get Hands On and set up a monthly direct debit, your donations will directly fund the work in Colombia and you’ll receive regular updates on how things are progressing. Because your Hands On regular gifts will directly fund the work, they are essential to make this project a success.  

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