Harvest Fast Day: Would you volunteer to read the weather?

27 September 2017

CAFOD Family Fast Day is on Friday 6 October. As well as fundraising with CAFOD on that day by giving up a meal or eating a simple soup lunch, have you ever thought of volunteering here in your parish?

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What you can do to support CAFOD: volunteer

Giving your time here in the UK is a wonderful way to support farmers overseas like Edelmira. You could:

These actions have a big impact. If your volunteering encourages someone to donate, you help to buy life-changing essentials such as seeds, tools and training that will ensure someone can stand on their own two feet.

Volunteer in your parish this Harvest Fast Day

Volunteering with CAFOD: Why your time and donations matter

Harvest time around the world is often a time of celebration. It is when you see the benefits of all your hard work. It is not just your hard work, it will be the hard work of your family and sometimes neighbours who have come to help.

Collecting the harvest is just a step along the way, the crop might need to be stored correctly to last you through the year and you might need to sell it to buy medicines later in the year.  

The weather – in particular, the rain – is so important in this. Farmers like Edelmira and her neighbours will suffer if there isn’t enough rain, or if there’s too much. The vital thing is knowing when is the right time to sow.

What your donations and time have done: trained a weatherman

Aney and the climate box

Campesino farmer, Aney with his climate box

Aney is a farmer in El Salvador. He knows how important it is to plant and harvest crops at the right time of year. Just like Edelmira, he relies on the rainfall to grow enough at harvest time.

When he was asked if he’d like to volunteer as a weatherman to help local farmers he decided he’d love to help!

Thanks to your support, he was given a rain gauge and training, the rest, you can find out from our film.

Give today to support more farmers around the world!

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