The impact of your Lent donations in Zimbabwe

9 April 2021

Coronavirus is spreading rapidly in Zimbabwe, against a background of economic crisis and widespread hunger.

But the support and generosity you've shown to our Lent appeals mean that our network of local experts is in place to provide practical help to the families who need it.

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We've checked in with a family we met during a previous Lent appeal, to hear from them directly about the impact of coronavirus on their lives.

Marian and Svondo

Marian and Svondo tending their vegetable garden

Marian and Svondo are doing well - their vegetable plot is thriving and they are able to live on the vegetables. 

We met Marian and her son Svondo during Lent 2018.

The vegetable garden that your donations helped to provide is growing well and during the pandemic Marian, Svondo and their family have been surviving on the vegetables.

“Last year was a dry year, so we are exchanging vegetables for maize, and we are also processing and drying our vegetables so we can preserve them to use during the lean season.” 

The community has adapted their work in the garden to limit the spread of coronavirus, by taking it in turns to water vegetables and limiting the number of people farming at one time. 

Your support has also helped to provide soap and handwashing stations in the garden and in family homes.

How your Lent donations make a difference

Local aid workers are on the frontline now in Zimbabwe, responding to the effects of this pandemic:

  • Distributing food to some of the worst affected areas
  • Working to supply water so people can practice good hygiene
  • Setting up training on social distancing and hygiene measures.

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