Lent match funding – your questions answered

30 April 2018

Thank you for your donations!

Thank you to everyone who has donated to the Lent Appeal. Your gifts will change lives around the world. And if you donated between 13 February and 12 May, the UK Government will double your donation! 

If you raised money in your parish or school over Lent and still need to pay in the proceeds, you can still have your collection matched.

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For every pound you donated to CAFOD's Family Fast Day Appeal, the UK Government will also contribute a pound. At no extra cost to you, twice the number of lives can be transformed. Twice the number of children can have the opportunity to grow up healthy and strong. 

What is match funding?

Match funding, or ‘UK Aid Match’ is a scheme that allows the UK public to have a say in how some of the UK's international aid budget is spent. The UK Government will match, pound for pound, public donations to selected charity appeals that tackle poverty in developing countries, therefore doubling the impact of your donations.

What does match funding achieve?

This is the fourth time the Government has selected CAFOD to receive match funding. Receiving this grant is a testament to the incredible generosity of Catholic communities across England and Wales.

Since our first match funded appeal in 2012, your generous donations and match funding from the UK Government have transformed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people across the world.

Some highlights include:

  • bringing drinking water to 400,000 people
  • providing toilets for 166,000 people
  • bringing weather forecasts to 99,000 families, to keep themselves safe from extreme weather

How will the money be spent?

This year, the money from the UK Government will fund a three-year project to improve nutrition in Zimbabwe, Eritrea and Zambia.

Donations from you, your parish or your school, will help end hunger and poverty across the world - wherever the need is greatest. 

Marian and Svondo in Zimbabwe

Donations to CAFOD's Family Fast Day Appeal can help more families like Marian's to grow food.

Your donation will help people like Marian who lives in Zimbabwe. Marian had to watch her son go hungry day after day, while she desperately searched for work and a little bit of money to buy food. The hunger made her tired and feverish, but her biggest fear was for her son. She hated seeing him suffer. But thanks to donations to CAFOD, Marian received seeds to plant a vegetable garden and learnt how to grow nutritious food. Marian now has another son who is growing up happy and healthy, with plenty of vegetables, nuts and beans to eat.

Read more about our Lent Appeal

Will all donations to CAFOD qualify for match funding?

Money raised for our Family Fast Day appeal in the three months from Shrove Tuesday 13 February, to Saturday 12 May, will be match funded by the UK Government. Donations raised by 12 May must then reach Romero House by Sunday 1 July at the latest to be matched. The UK Government will match donations up to an overall total of £5 million.

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Will the UK Government match the Gift Aid on donations?

No, only the donation itself will be matched because Gift Aid is the government giving us tax you’ve already paid. But please make sure you sign a Gift Aid form or encourage people in your parish to do it – it’s an extra 25 per cent at no extra cost to you or CAFOD!

Will online donations be matched?

Yes, up to the total value of £5 million, and as long as we receive them between Shrove Tuesday 13 February 2018 and Saturday 12 May 2018.

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Will Direct Debits be matched?

The UK Government will match the first three monthly payments of all new Direct Debits set up between 13 February and 12 May, before we reach the £5 million cap. They will also match the first three months of any increase in an existing regular gift – so if you already have a regular gift set up to CAFOD, if you increase it during Lent, the increase will be matched. You can increase your Direct Debit by calling 0303 303 3030.

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Will donations from private companies be matched?

Unfortunately not. However, an individual from the company can of course donate and their gift will be matched.

How can I donate?

There are many ways you can donate to our Lent appeal:

  • donate online
  • look out for the Fast Day collection in your parish
  • call 0303 303 3030
  • post a cheque to ‘CAFOD, Romero House, 55 Westminster Bridge Road, London, SE1 7JB’

Please make sure your donation is marked ‘Lent 2018 Appeal’.

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