Two girls you helped in Lent 2016 want to thank you

7 September 2017

Proscovia washing

Before CAFOD partners repaired her local water pump Proscovia had to walk miles to collect dirty river water

You gave an amazing £4.3m during Lent in 2016. This helped girls like Proscovia and Guti to finish their education. The UK Government matched the first £3.5m – pound for pound – so your kindness and generosity unlocked over £7m to turn around the lives of the world’s poorest people.

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Guti and Proscovia live in Karamoja, a very dry part of Uganda. You heard their stories during Lent two years ago and gave what you could to help more girls get access to water near their homes so they don’t spend hours every day fetching it.

Our Caritas partner in Uganda caught up with Proscovia recently. She is still studying, but has changed school. “We don’t face water shortages here now – we have water here at home and at school.”

Your doubled donations brought water into homes

Clean water is vital so that children like Guti can wash their hands and be safe from disease

Guti washes her hands with water from a CAFOD-funded water tank

Guti has now gone to high school and is in year two. “We have got running water in school unlike back home when we used hand pumps. However, we sometimes struggle for water when the rains are delayed, like now.”

The headteacher of Guti’s former school has good news to report in his school: “In 2014, we had 90 girls and 125 boys enrol. This year has seen 187 girls sign up for school and 301 boys. This is down to the work of Caritas and our senior female teacher.”

You should be proud of what you have achieved with the people of Uganda. On behalf of the communities you gave to so generously during Lent 2016, thank you!

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