Help a family lift themselves out of poverty this Christmas

9 December 2019

Margaret from Sierra Leone, who received a small loan to start a business.

Margaret from Sierra Leone, who received a small loan to start a business.

World Gifts make wonderful ethical presents for your loved ones. They are a great way to share love and joy with your family and friends, and to make a long-lasting difference to people across the world who are living in poverty.

This Christmas you can give someone the opportunity to set up their own business with the help of a small loan – providing them with a sustainable income for many years to come. Even better, once the new business has made enough money, they pass that loan onto someone else who wants to set up a business.

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How does the climate crisis cause poverty?

In many parts of the world, the changing weather is making it more difficult for farmers to grow enough food to feed their families or to sell for profit.

In Sierra Leone, where Margaret and her family live, May to September is known as the 'hungry season'. As a single parent, Margaret was left with no income, finding it impossible to feed her three children or buy them the books, stationery and uniforms they needed to attend school.

How can a one-off World Gift provide a reliable income?

Margaret received a small loan to buy supplies from a nearby town to set up a shop in her home. This income wasn’t reliant on harvests, and wouldn’t be affected by extreme weather.

As well as the loan, Margaret received training from local business experts, so she could continue to make a success of her new business. Now Margaret earns enough to support her children. The hungry season doesn’t mean hunger for them anymore.

A Life-changing loan World Gift costs just £90 but changes lives for the better.

The gift that keeps giving

Women's wooden saving box

Women's savings box.

After the success of launching and running her own business, Margaret has gone on to lead a women’s group that manages loans within her community. Not only did she pay back her own loan so that another woman in need could start a business, but keeping the loans system going means her community can start to thrive.

“I want to thank CAFOD for appreciating women – especially widowed women fending for themselves. This programme will help a lot of women here as it continues.”

A World Gift is truly the gift that keeps on giving – granting someone the opportunity to start their own small business, make it a success, and lift themselves and their family out of poverty, before then passing that loan on.

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