South Sudan at 10: Marking a decade of independence for the newest country in the world

9 July 2021

A girl seated and looking at the camera

Huriya's name means 'freedom' or 'independence'. Photo credit: Achuoth Deng

Friday 9 July marks the 10-year anniversary of South Sudan, the newest country in the world. The people of South Sudan have faced decades of conflict, hunger and now Covid-19 as a challenge - CAFOD and Trócaire stand in solidary with the people, our partners and the Church in South Sudan, in hope of a brighter future.

In partnership, CAFOD and Trócaire have worked in South Sudan since independence, through local experts and partners. Our programmes have supported families in need of emergency access to food and water, helped communities grow food crops in a sustainable manner, and worked with the Church on peacebuilding initiatives.

Over the past year, our programming has incorporated best practices to protect communities against Covid-19, such as distancing at trainings, and we’ve worked to support households that need to isolate with food packages, set up handwashing stations in schools and market places, and messaging on safe hygiene practices.

We’ve reached over 75,000 people with our programmes, and over 4.9 million people with Covid-19 hygiene messaging over radio.

Voices of hope

As South Sudan passes this milestone, we've caught up with some of the children who were born at the time of independence.

"My favourite subject at school is maths. I dream of becoming a pilot one day."

Huriya, who wants to live in a country of opportunities

Huriya, whose name means 'independence', wants to live in a country of opportunities, where she can live out her dreams:

"I love playing with my friends when they call my name, it makes me feel good. My favourite subject at school is maths. I dream of becoming a pilot one day."

Huriya's mum Loice says: "I'm proud of her, she is always in the top five in her class. May God continue to bless her. We pray for God's favour for a better future."

A mother and daughter (wearing face masks) sitting together on chairs

Huriya and her mother Loice. Photo credit: Achuoth Deng

Your support and the Church network are helping to build a brighter future

The Church remains rooted in communities, building hope for a peaceful, better future.

Fr James Oyet Latansio says: "It gives us comfort to know that people thousands of miles away are hearing us, praying for us and supporting us, in our quest for a lasting peace, so that all peoples of South Sudan can transform their lives for the better.”

What CAFOD and our partners have said about the 10-year anniversary

CAFOD launches Emergency Food Crisis Appeal

Local Church partners in Suth Sudan are doing all that they can to reach families with food and water, peace building messaging and support to return to farming, in Tonj North, Tonj South, Tonj East and Gogrial West in Warrap State, and in Yirol East in Lakes State.

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