CAFOD Harvest appeal 2017: Speak at Mass and give someone a voice

29 September 2017

This Harvest Fast Day is on Friday 6 October and throughout October, people like you will be standing up in Mass to give a voice to people like Edelmira in El Salvador.

Speaking at Mass and giving a Harvest fast day talk is so important because of this. But it is not always easy. Many of us aren’t natural speakers. Many of us aren’t confident standing up in front of others.

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Speak up!: Top tips for speaking at Mass

  1. Download a copy of the Harvest Short Talk.
  2. Practise reading the talk. Read it to a family member or a friend, or even out loud to yourself.
  3. Arrive at the church early so that you can introduce yourself to the parish Priest, and sit near the front.
  4. Take a small bottle of water with you in case you get thirsty.
  5. Remember that it is normal to feel a bit nervous when speaking in public, but you are doing a great thing by speaking on behalf of CAFOD and our partners.  
  6. Remember Hayley’s sister’s words!
Hayley in Lancaster Diocese

Hayley Benyon

I find public speaking difficult, so speaking at Mass for Fast Day is challenging… but my sister’s advice really helped me focus on what is important: “Look at the little girl on the front of the Fast Day envelope and be her voice."

Hayley Benyon

What your voice can do

Ana Maria at Radio Copinula

Ana Maria at an event for Radio Copinula

Ana Maria lives in Guaymango, El Salvador. She works as a DJ on a local radio station, supported by CAFOD.

The radio station tells farmers when to plant and sow as well as vital weather warnings. This is vital because farmers in the area rely on their harvest to feed their family and to make a little extra to buy essentials.

She also encourages women to stand up for their rights in a traditionally male-dominated culture.

She says: “Young women and girls, I can say dream about what you want to achieve because that’s what’s important, to empower ourselves and break down these myths that exists that we women can’t do anything. You can.”

Download our Harvest Short Talk and stand up with Ana Maria this Harvest Fast Day.

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