Healthy food, healthy bodies: your Lent 2018 donations in Zimbabwe

28 March 2019

Fiona with her two children

Fiona and her two children in Zimbabwe will receive a vegetable garden.

Each Family Fast Day we’re blown away by your generosity and compassion for the poorest communities around the world.

During Lent 2018, you donated a fantastic £4.3 million, which was doubled by the UK government.

Update for 2019!

At the last count, you donated over £1 million to our 2019 Lent appeal. Thank you for helping us reach more of our brothers and sisters with the help that they need to thrive.

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Since then, our local nutrition experts have been working hard to reach the most vulnerable people – children, pregnant women, breastfeeding mums and older members of the community – and ensure they’re getting a good meal.

So far we’ve reached a total of 4,293 people. And we’re on track to reach 239,000 people across Zimbabwe, Eritrea and Zambia by the end of 2021.

One year on from our 2018 appeal, we revisit some of the people you met last year in Zimbabwe.

A vegetable garden for the Mudzemeti family

When we met Fiona, she was worried about her youngest son Pardon, who was showing signs of malnutrition. But Fiona and her husband Peter have just received the good news that their village will be receiving a vegetable garden.

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The old reservoir in the village was repaired thanks to your Lent 2017 donations, and our local water expert was waiting to see if there was enough rain and if the dam would hold enough water. The good news is the dam is now full, so there’s enough water to irrigate a vegetable garden.

Work to build a fence and start planting has already begun.

Thank you from Livison, CAFOD’s Zimbabwe office

Livison Chipatiso, our project leader in Zimbabwe.

Livison Chipatiso, our project leader in Zimbabwe. 

“It was an eye opener for me to see how hard communities in the UK work for justice and to cater for poor communities around the world. With the amount you raised, we can do a fantastic job.

"You’re helping us to reach the poorest communities with water and good food.

"On our part, we’ll put the money to good use and we’ll send you progress of what your money is doing. On behalf of the communities, thank you. I’m very grateful.”

Nutrition in Zimbabwe: what’s happened so far…

  • Taught 1,403 people how to adapt their farming methods to a changing climate
  • Identified 17 sites for new community vegetable gardens
  • Planted 233 fruit trees in schools
  • Trained 27 nurses and community health workers to spot malnutrition
DFID match funding CAFOD Lent family Fast Day appeal

Your donations were doubled by the UK government, helping us to reach more people. Thank you!

Your Lent 2018 donations were doubled by the UK government, helping to reach more people with nutritious food. Thank you!

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