CAFOD Fast Day Appeal: How your donations are spent

4 October 2017

CAFOD Family Fast Day would not be possible without you. Your donations to the Harvest appeal will help farmers around the world to buy seeds, learn new farming techniques, grow a more abundant harvest and put food on the table. Without them, success stories like Edelmira’s wouldn’t happen.

Here are three amazing ways we will spend your money to help more people like Edelmira

Your Family Fast Day donation

Seemingly simple things can be a lifeline for families like Edelmira's.

Watch the film above to find out how Edelmira transformed your gifts.

How we’ll spend your Harvest donation

Sophie holds a small chick in her hands. Her parents have been given animals by CAFOD

Sophie's parents have been helped by CAFOD, receiving seeds and animals, like these chickens.

80p in every £1 goes on work like you can see in the film above. 11p goes on raising more money to enable this work. 9p goes on education and campaigning to hold our leaders to account.

Know that every penny you give or raise is spent on the poorest people and on projects that are value for money.

Donate today to help hungry families

Your donation: Listening to what you tell us

You spoke, we listened! You have told us that you want your sisters and brothers to support themselves. Being able to stand on your own two feet is the most important thing in this. Isn’t it wonderful when you get a fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work?

Edelmira’s brilliant story is about long-term success. You have played a part in her confidence, her voice, her ability to feed her family.

Thank you!

Donate to our Harvest appeal today

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