Family Fast Day 2018 Harvest Appeal: Your simple soup supper could save someone’s life

19 September 2018

This Harvest, the money you save from your family fast could bring water to a thirsty home. You could give someone shelter who has run from danger. And you could, like Lilian, help someone to stay alive and to support their family.

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Your family fast could help people like this

Lilian in Zambia knows how important the harvest is for her and her little ones. A good harvest will mean she can feed herself in the coming months. It will also mean that she can sell any extra to buy school clothes, books and materials to build a home.

You will see from the Fast Day film that Lilian is lucky to be alive. If she was here now, she would tell you how she was sick when she found out she had HIV. She struggled to work. Without care and training, the terrible fact is, that even if she had lived, she would face grinding poverty.

Your Family Fast Day Appeal gift could lift more people out of poverty

Look how donations like yours have helped Lilian

  • nursed her back to health
  • taught her to take the medication that would keep her well
  • trained her to stay healthy
  • taught her to grow healthy food
  • trained her to become a counsellor to help others come to terms with their diagnosis
  • helped to buy emergency food rations that Lilian gives out to other sick mums and children.

Your donation this Family Fast Day clearly makes a difference to people like Lilian. She’s a great example of how just a little help can go such a long way.

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