2,000 Goats and counting!

4 January 2018

World Gifts Ethiopian girl holding a goat

Buy the World Gifts Goat that gives and bring a smile to the lives of others

Thank you to everyone who bought a World Gift this Christmas - you've made an enormous difference to families in poverty.

With your help we can...

  • Give over 2,000 Goats to farming families to give them milk and manure!
  • Help 500 babies and children get a Birth certificate, meaning they can go to school.
  • Spend over £75,000 getting clean, safe water to communities, preventing disease.
  • Supply 505 Solar lamps to families - helping children to do their homework and breathe clean air
  • Provide over 200 Pigs to families who want to start a farming business and lift themselves out of poverty.

... make an incredible difference to families in need around the world. Thank you.

“I can’t believe how different life is for me and my family."

Carfi Sara, Ethiopia

A drought in the Borana region of Ethiopia in 2011 killed Carfi Sara’s livestock. Carfi relied on his animals for milk and food as well as making money. 

Carfi Sara and his family

Carfi Sara and his family

“Before your help, we were paralysed by poverty. I was desperate. My children would see their friends drinking milk and they would be envious”

Through a project funded by CAFOD, Carfi was given eight Goats. "Now my children have milk of their own to drink – and enough to share with others. I bought my oldest daughter a uniform and shoes so she can go to school”

It's not too late to buy a World Gift!

If you've got Christmas money to spend, you've made a kindness resolution this year, or you've already fundraised for World Gifts, then choose your gift from our wonderful range of charity presents today.

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