3 ways to remember a loved one through CAFOD’s work

22 October 2018

A shrine of a cross on the grass, El Salvador

A holy shrine in Guaymango, El Salvador.

Remembering a loved one through CAFOD’s work is a special way to honour the values they held dear. By celebrating one special life you can help change thousands more.

Here are three ways you can honour a loved one through CAFOD’s work:

1) Donate in memory

Whether through a one-off donation or by holding a collection at a funeral, it is a beautiful way to ensure your loved one’s values are kept alive.

Donate in memory of a loved one  

2) Create a Candlelight Fund

Lily's candlelight fund gave me that light I was desperately looking for in the darkness - it gave us something to focus on.

Katherine Carlyle

A Candlelight Fund is a special fund in memory of a loved one who has died. It will celebrate their life and touch the lives of thousands more.

Some people like to hold events to raise money for their Candlelight Fund while others privately give on dates special to them, like birthdays or anniversaries.

To see an example of the lasting difference made through a Candlelight Fund read about some of our wonderful Candlelight families.

Create a Candlelight Fund    Order in memory collection envelopes 

3) Memorial Masses

Each November CAFOD holds Memorial Masses across England and Wales. At the Masses, we come together and pray for those we have loved and lost.

At each Mass, we present a Book of Remembrance which includes the names of supporters who have passed away during the year, as well as all those commemorated through a Candlelight Fund and a donation in their memory. If you’d like to add a name to the Books of Remembrance please fill out our online form or get in touch.

If you’d like to join us at one of the Masses please see the full list of Memorial Masses.

Get in touch

If you’d like to hear more about remembering someone special through CAFOD’s work, please contact Roisin at remembrance@cafod.org.uk or call her on 020 7095 5348. 

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