Five things to do with your children this Advent

28 November 2017

CAFOD's Primary Schools Advent Calendar 2017

CAFOD's Primary Schools Advent Calendar 2017

Have fun planning Christmas as a family. Here are our tops tips for fun things to do with children this Advent.

1) Use our interactive Advent calendar

Download this interactive Advent calendar PowerPoint and use it as you journey through Advent with your child. The calendar is full of stories about refugee children and CAFOD’s work with refugees, as well as reflections and activities.

2) Choose World Gifts to make a difference

From a Happy queen bee that costs £4, to a gift to help someone to read for £10, we have a range of affordable World Gift virtual presents that children might like to choose for friends, family or even a special teacher. Our sheet of stickers for £8 make lovely additions to gift labels or cards, letting people know that you’ve bought a meal for someone in poverty on their behalf.

3) Make your own Christmas decoration

Decorate this template Christmas bauble to hang on your tree. The purple candle on the first Sunday of Advent represents hope. Why not ask your children to write their hopes for the world on the bauble? Check out our special World Gifts template tree decorations too.

4) Season’s greetings: use a community Christmas card

Thinking of buying cards for your child’s classmates? Why not print off our community card and encourage the class to donate the money they would spend on cards towards a World Gift

5) Get crafty! Make an Advent wreath

Get crafty this Christmas. Why not make eco-friendly decorations or gifts this year rather than buying them or perhaps prepare a special grace together for the Christmas meal? Here are some instructions from our Advent calendar for making a wreath:

1. Cut a hole in the middle of a paper plate
2. Draw around your hands on green recycled paper and ask others to do the same
3. Stick the cut-out hands around the outside of the paper plate to make the leaves
4. Make four candles by rolling paper into tubes (3 purple and 1 pink)
5. Attach a paper flame to one candle on each Sunday of Advent

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