Match Funding - what happens after the Appeal?

17 August 2018

Match Funding is a wonderful scheme where donations to selected Fast Day Appeals are worth double the amount. For these special appeals, for every pound you give, the UK Government also gives a pound.

But what happens after the funds are collected?

Lent 2016 Appeal – two years on

In 2016, you raised an incredible £4.3 million for our work, with an additional £3.5 million given from the UK Government for new projects in Uganda, Zimbabwe and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Catch up with Proscovia from Uganda

These new match-funded projects have now been running for two years and we’ve seen great progress. Some highlights include:

  • Installed or repaired 567 water points.
  • Built 44,200 toilets.
  • Trained 1,448 people to maintain and repair water points or toilets
  • Taught 1,294 people how to raise local water and sanitation issues with village chiefs and officials.

Everyone deserves clean water – donate today

Thank you from Elizabeth in Uganda

“The project has solved our water problems,” said 20-year-old Elizabeth after a new tap was installed in her village in northern Uganda.

“We easily fetch water at whatever time, with great ease. It’s just a turn of the tap!”

The tap, training sessions and a water trough for animals have made a huge difference to Elizabeth and her neighbours, who used to collect water from a swamp three miles away.

“Everything has gone right,” said Elizabeth. “Like God has come to visit us after a long period of suffering.”

A total of 217,639 people like Elizabeth now have a sustainable supply of clean water. Over the final year of the project, our expert teams will continue to reach thousands more women, men and children.


Elizabeth collects water from a new tap in her village.

Elizabeth collects water from a new tap in her village.

Four successful bids

We’ve been thrilled to be awarded Match Funding four times so far. This has funded new projects reaching hundreds of thousands of people across Africa and Asia. Our first match funded project was in 2012.

Top Match Funding achievements since 2012

Receiving match funding means your donations to Fast Day Appeals have been matched by the UK Government on four separate occasions, helping raise millions of pounds for our work overseas.

New nutrition projects

Thanks to your generous donations to our Fast Day Appeal during Lent 2018, the UK Government have committed to match £4.3 million for new nutrition projects in Zimbabwe, Eritrea and Zambia.

Our in-country teams are working hard to finalise the project details so this life-saving work can begin in October 2018.

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